COVID-19 Services and Drug Discovery

To aid with the ongoing, emerging COVID-19 outbreak, Structure Based Design is offering recombinant COVID-19 main protease (Mpro or 3CLpro) and recombinant COVID-19 RNA Polymerase (nsp12-nsp8-nsp7), the two most notable COVID-19 drug targets, for your drug development needs. Other proteins for COVID-19 research can be expressed, purified, and crystallized upon request.

Please contact us at to inquire about our COVID-19 related products and services or if we can assist you with your coronavirus research in any way.

In addition to our structure determination efforts to support outside drug discovery, Structure Based Design has set up a pipeline to develop Mpro inhibitors using the Structure Based Drug Design approach, which has been a crucial part of many successful drug development campaigns, coupled with our in-house assays. We are currently seeking collaborators and investors to work with in our pursuit for a novel Covid-19 treatment. Please contact us at for more details.