Communication and Service Policy


As a professional provider, we understand the importance of confidentiality in this business. We provide an absolutely confidential service when working on your projects at SBD to protect the proprietary nature of your research, and offer the following guarantees:

Communication: WebEX based service

SBD’s scientists will maintain close communication with our clients during all stages of the research process and will inform client of any new progress in SBD no less frequently than on a two-week basis. A detailed report, all data, and procedures including protein expression, purification, crystallization conditions and structure coordinates will be sent to clients following the completion of the Collaborative Research Activities herein, even if terminated.


Quality is one of the promises of SBD service that our scientists strive to achieve. In the work of protein biochemistry, we want to prepare the protein sample to achieve the best specificity activity and homogenate. In the work of crystal structure determination, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest resolution crystal structure in comparison with all published data of same protein crystal structures.