Service Packages

SBD’s services are milestone based & customer driven. We have flexible service packages that we adapt to meet your research goals. All of our packages include bi-weekly progress updates:

Service package I: Crystals & Structures
  1. Crystallize target protein provided by client
  2. Determine apo-crystal and co-crystal structure
  3. Structure analysis, deliver results
Service package II: Protein & Co-crystal Structures
  1. Design construct, express, purify, and crystallize target.
  2. Determine co-crystal structures with one to ten ligands
  3. Analyze structures and present results
Service package III: High-Throughput Crystal Structures
  1. Construct design, large scale protein purification at SBD
  2. High throughput co-crystallization.
  3. Determine 20-30 co-crystal structures to fully support a client’s drug discovery process.
Service Package IV: Early Lead Development Partnership
  1. Construct design, large scale protein purification
  2. High throughput co-crystallization
  3. Determine co-crystal structures to fully support medicinal chemistry and compound optimization.
  4. Activity assays, cell-based assays, binding affinity measurements
  5. Rational drug design using comparative structure analysis and computational chemistry