Structure Based Design, Inc.

About Structure Based Design Inc.

Structure Based Design, Inc. (SBD) is a biotech company focusing on Macromolecule X-Ray Crystallography, Fragment-based Crystallographic Screening and Protein Biochemistry services. SBD applies innovative protein preparation, co-crystallization and crystal soaking technologies to assist its clients on their research project.  Our clients include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic organizations. SBD's mission goal is to make structural biology accessible for all research purposes.

SBD is located at High Technique Park, San Diego, California. It was founded in 2007. Functioning as an extension group of protein biochemistry and structural biology to a clients’ internal research team, we understand how to provide our services to achieve maximum client satisfaction on their objectives in a time efficient manner. Our capabilities can carry out full services from gene-to-structure. We have developed proprietary technologies to well service our clients’ projects.

Our contract is charged based on warranted services. Clients only pay a small deposit to initialize the project, and balances upon delivery of milestone achievements. The three step milestone-based pricing mode ensures that the clients’ projects will be processed in the most responsible way at SBD.  If we cannot provide services to the requested quality, then half of the initial fee will be refunded. So far, SDB has successfully delivered all signed projects. Our clients have all been pleased with the data we have presented.